Texas Comptroller Phone Number

What is Texas Comptroller Phone Number?

Texas Comptroller phone number where you can speak to TX Comptroller agent is 1-800-252-5555 for any tax and revenue related matters during normal office hours.

Sales and Use Tax phone number: 800-252-5555
Franchise Tax phone number: 800-252-1381
Electronic Reporting and Webfile Technical Support phone number: 800-442-3453
Retailer Inventory Tracking System (RITS) phone number: 512-463-0959
Automotive Oil Fee phone number: 800-252-5555
Bank Franchise Tax phone number: 800-252-1381
Boat and Boat Motor Sales Tax phone number: 800-252-5555
Cable/Internet/Telecom Rebate phone number: 844-519-5671
Cement Tax phone number: 800-531-5441 ext. 5-0440
Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL) phone number: 512-463-3459
Certificates of Account Status/Good Standing phone number: 800-252-1386
Cigarette, Cigar and/or Tobacco Products phone number: 800-862-2260
Coastal Protection Fee phone number: 800-252-1384
Coin-Operated Machine Tax phone number: 800-862-2260
Collections phone number: 800-252-8880
Controlled Substance Tax phone number: 800-531-5441 ext. 3-3901
Court Costs/Fees phone number: 800-531-5441 ext. 3-4276
Crude Oil Production Tax phone number: 800-252-1384
Customer Service Liaison phone number: 888-334-4112
Customs Broker phone number: 800-252-5555
Eminent Domain phone number: 844-519-5676
Español phone number: 800-252-7875
Fax on Demand phone number: 800-531-1441
Fireworks Tax phone number: 800-252-5555
Franchise Tax Questionnaire phone number: 512-463-4402
Fuels Tax phone number: 800-531-5441 ext. 3-3678
GETPUB to order forms & publications phone number: 800-252-1389
Hotel Occupancy Tax phone number: 800-252-1385
Historically Underutilized Business Program (HUB) phone number: 1-888-863-5881
International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) phone number: 800-531-5441 ext. 3-3678
Inheritance Tax phone number: 800-531-5441 ext. 5-0132
Insurance Tax phone number: 800-252-1387
Interest Rate phone number: 877-447-2834
LG Decals phone number: 800-252-1383
Manufactured Housing Tax phone number: 800-252-1382
Miscellaneous Gross Receipts Taxes phone number: 800-531-5441 ext. 6-5913
Mixed Beverage Tax phone number: 800-252-5555
Motor Vehicle Registration Surcharge phone number: 800-252-1382
Motor Vehicle Sales Surcharge, Rental and Seller Financed Sales Tax phone number: 800-252-1382
Natural Gas Production Tax phone number: 800-252-1384
Off-Road, Heavy-Duty Diesel Equipment Surcharge phone number: 800-252-5555
Officer and Director Information phone number: 800-252-1386
Oil Well Servicing Tax phone number: 800-531-5441
Oyster Fee phone number: 800-252-5555
Password Assistance – Webfile phone number: 800-442-3453
Password Assistance – EIS (click link for full listing) phone number: various
Penalty Waivers – Audit Related phone number: 800-531-5441 ext.3-3900
Penalty Waivers – Non-Audit Related phone number: 800-531-5441 ext. 3-4560
Penalty Waivers – (Noncompliance EFT/ER Penalties) – Electronic Reporting phone number: 800-442-3453
Petroleum Products Delivery Fee phone number: 800-252-1383
Property Tax phone number: 800-252-9121
Qualified Research Exemptions phone number: 800-531-5441 ext. 3-3731
School Fund Benefit Fee phone number: 800-252-1383
Search State Payments Issued phone number: 800-531-5441 ext.6-8138
Sulphur Tax phone number: 800-531-5441 ext. 3-3688
Tax Practitioners phone number: 800-248-4093
TeleFile: To File by Phone phone number: 888-434-5464
Term Contracts phone number: 512-463-3034
Texas Tomorrow Fund phone number: 800-445-4723
TXMAS Contracts/Sales Reporting phone number: 512-463-3034 option 3
Unclaimed Property ClaimantsExternal Link: undefined phone number: 800-321-2274
Unclaimed Property HoldersExternal Link: undefined phone number: 800-321-2274 Option 2
Voluntary Disclosure Agreement (VDA) phone number: 800-688-6829
Webfile phone number: 800-442-3453

Texas Comptroller Phone Number where you can call for talk to a real person at TX Comptroller office is 1-800-252-5555.

Texas Comptroller Fax Number

What is Texas Comptroller fax number?

Texas Comptroller fax number where you can send fax messages, documents and forms is 512-936-6224.

Texas Comptroller Website

You can get to Texas Comptroller website for current updates and additional information by clicking here.

Texas Comptroller Mailing Address

Texas Comptroller mailing address where you can send official mail, letters, documents and forms for Texas Comptroller is:

Texas Comptroller
Street: 111 East 17th Street, Lyndon B. Johnson State Office Building
City: Austin
State: Texas
ZIP Code: 78774

Texas Comptroller Services

What are Texas Comptroller services?

Texas Comptroller is the taxation & revenue agency for the state of Texas that provides different services including:

* Administers & Enforces Tax Rules, Regulations, Legislation & Laws.
* State Revenue Statistics and Reports.
* Performs motor vehicle tag and title administration.
* Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate, Protests and Appeals (including tax appeals).
* Tax & Industry Guides & Publications.
* State Revenue information and Records Requests
* Alcohol and Tobacco Regulation, Licenses & Hearings.
* Tax Programs, Permits, Refunds & Debts.
* Filing & Paying Taxes, Fees, Remittances.
* Special Taxes & Fees.

Texas Comptroller Responsibilities
Watch this video to discover about Texas Comptroller’s responsibilities and activities:

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